Structured Cabling

Expert network infrastructure you can count on

Structured Cabling

ADS Integration’s team of expert network infrastructure designers and installers are skilled and experienced in the standards of network infrastructure design and data cabling procedures.

You can trust our experts to design and install a system for your business that will perform at the most optimal level for your needs.


Data Cabling

In order for your business to run smoothly, you need a network that performs efficiently and effectively. You need experts skilled at data cabling to ensure that your system is installed properly and is appropriate for your business needs now and into the future.

This is where ADS Integration comes in. We can assess your business usage and goals to determine the best solutions for your data cabling needs so you can be sure your network will perform proficiently.

data cabling

Premise Cabling

A certified premise cabling installer, ADS Integration can review your current business needs and future goals to assess your premise cabling needs. Our skilled professionals are trained and experienced in identifying your bandwidth needs to ensure that your system performs at optimal levels.


Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cabling uses thin glass strands and light to transmit digital signals. This provides faster, more efficient data transmissions.

ADS Integration can review your infrastructure and business needs to assess whether your facility might benefit from using fiber optic cabling.


fiber optic cabling

What Our Customers Say

"After answering all my questions, reviewing all the options available to me and understanding the budget I had to work with, Jeff recommended what turned out to be the perfect security system for my location."

David M. Mills
Full Bore Directional Boring, Inc.