Data Centers

Reliable, flexible, secure storage and data processing


Data processing and security are increasingly important in today’s ever-advancing technological world. Having a reliable data infrastructure for your network is imperative to keeping your business operating smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

At ADS Integration, our experts can assess your data needs to build a custom data center that offers reliable, scalable, flexible secure storage and data processing.

This gives you the peace of mind to know that your data infrastructure will be up-to-date and operating at optimal capacity. The scalability of our designs will also allow you to expand your network as your business grows and expands.


Data Center Design

Our technicians are experts at data center design. Working with state-of-the-art providers, we stay on top of the latest technological advancements to ensure that you’ll have a data center that fits with your business needs now and into the future.

data center design

We’ll assess your business, your facility and your electrical system to determine the best-fit solutions to provide you with a comprehensive data center. Our goal is to keep your network operations running efficiently, securely and at high capacity.


Network Management

ADS Integration offers modern network management tools to provide you with access and control over your entire network and the components it services.

With our network management tools, you can easily:

  • Add or remove users
  • Monitor device usage
  • Monitor network traffic
  • Analyze network performance
  • Create system event notifications
  • Detect connected devices

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are increasingly becoming the standard for many small to mid-sized businesses. Wireless devices are becoming more prevalent and affordable, allowing businesses to take advantage of the added flexibility of wireless networks to increase productivity throughout their workspaces.

wireless networking

ADS Integration’s experts have the expertise and experience to assess your facility and business needs to determine if your business could benefit from installing a wireless network.

We evaluate several factors when determining if a wireless network is the right fit for your business including:

  • Functionality within your facility
  • Security protocol
  • Bandwidth needs

What Our Customers Say

"After answering all my questions, reviewing all the options available to me and understanding the budget I had to work with, Jeff recommended what turned out to be the perfect security system for my location."

David M. Mills
Full Bore Directional Boring, Inc.