Intrusion Systems

Keep your business and employees safe.

Intrusion Solutions You Can Count On

Unwanted intruders can cause a lot of damage to your business and can result in unforeseen expenses, delays, or even injury. At ADS Integration, we know that you put a lot of work, time, effort, and money into your business and that you need intrusion solutions that you can count on to protect your assets and your employees.

Based on an in-depth evaluation of your business and property, our customized intrusion protection systems are designed to fit your specific business needs. We stay informed and educated on the latest intrusion detection options to keep your property secure, and work only with leading-edge providers to ensure that your intrusion system is built with reliable, quality products.


Intrusion Alarms

Protect your business from burglars and other intruders 24/7 with a professionally installed intrusion alarm.

ADS Integration can provide you with reliable intrusion alarm systems built and installed to keep your business and employees safe.

  • Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Door and window contacts
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Panic/Hold-Up Alarms
  • Sirens
  • Remote Arming/Disarming

Perimeter Protection

Perfect for contractor’s yards, storage facilities, and more!

Keeping unauthorized intruders from entering your property can be especially difficult if you need to maintain security at the perimeter of your property. Often, a fence or gate is not enough to keep intruders from getting through. In many cases, your risk is heightened not only by losses due to theft or damage, but by the possibility of injury and liability.

At ADS Integration, we provide a multitude of solutions for protecting the perimeter of your business from intrusion. We can assess your property and identify the solutions that will fit with your business needs.

Our perimeter protection solutions include:

Underground perimeter sensors

  • Fence mounted alarm sensors
  • Fiber optic alarm sensors
  • Video motion sensors
  • Access control gates

Security Reporting

Our security reporting solutions allow you to effectively monitor employee activity and manage your workflow. Security incident tracking and reporting can provide you with an overview of all access to your facility, provide reports of all alarm activity, and allow you to determine areas that might need enhanced security measures.

By tracking and reporting alarm activity and specific incidents, you can:

  • Manage your security system to anticipate and address potential risks
  • Provide a safer working environment for your employees
  • Keep your business running more efficiently and effectively

What Our Customers Say

"We were very pleased with the professionalism and expertise that the ADS Integration staff displayed while installing our security system. We rely on ADS Integration for a number of security solutions and have been more than satisfied with the service they provide. I can very comfortably recommend ADS Integrations to anyone looking for a security product/services provider."

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