Access Controls

Reduce security risks by controlling access to your business.

Control Access to Your Business

Controlling access to your business greatly reduces your security risk. In order to protect your businesses assets, employees and customers, you need to know when your facility is being accessed and by whom.

ADS Integration offers several access control systems and can assess your facility to recommend and install the right solution for your business.

Our systems give you advanced control over entry points and access permissions using state-of-the art technology from leading security providers.


Badge Entry

A badge entry system is a great solution for managing individual access to your facility. You can easily add or remove badge holders, restrict or allow access based on groupings of security levels or departments, change and remove codes, or delete badge holders as needed.

ADS Integration offers user-friendly systems that will allow you to monitor, manage, and control your badge entry system remotely, generate entry and incident reports, and more.

Security badge entry


With a biometric access control system, no badges, cards, or pin codes are needed. Using state-of-the-art technology, a biometric security system uses an individual’s fingerprint, retinal scan, or other unique attribute to identify and allow access based on data collected and stored within the system.

Using the management software, you can easily control access levels for individuals or groups based on criteria such as security level or departmental level, restrict access based on time or date, manage employee work schedules, and more.


Visitor Management

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly more important to effectively manage visitor access to your business. From individual or group meeting sessions, to seminars and training, to vendors and contractors, visitors may be ever-present in your place of business and should be accounted for to maintain a safe, secure environment.

ADS Integration can provide you with the ability to manage visitor access within your facility alongside your employee access system. Depending on the access management system you’re using, we can provide you with the means to manage and control visitor access at your location.

Your ADS Integration representative will discuss your company’s visitor access needs to provide you with the solution that works for you.


Gate Entry Systems

Often, securing the perimeter of your business with a gated access entry system is necessary. This is often the case at parking lot or garage entrances, storage facilities, and contractor’s yards.

ADS Integration can discuss your perimeter security requirements and provide you with gate entry system options that will work for your business.

Many options are available including:

  • Telephone intercom systems
  • Video intercom systems
  • Pin code entry gate systems
  • Badge entry gate systems
Security badge entry

What Our Customers Say

"We were very pleased with the professionalism and expertise that the ADS Integration staff displayed while installing our security system. We rely on ADS Integration for a number of security solutions and have been more than satisfied with the service they provide. I can very comfortably recommend ADS Integrations to anyone looking for a security product/services provider."

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